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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Appendix 1: The Single Assurance Framework

The list below goes through the process of the single assurance framework:

  • Develop annual plan (business plan)
  • Submit plans for projects/schemes (Project sponsor)
  • Add to directorate plans (business pan)
  • Develop PID (project sponsor)
From Develop PID (project sponsor) route 1
  • Approve PID (executive director)
  • Approved
  • Development of business case (delivery team)
From Develop PID (project sponsor) route 2
  • Update activity register (project sponsor)
  • external funding process (project sponsor)
  • External funding application register (centre of excellence)
  • Review external funding application register (senior leadership team)


SAF development phase
  • Add new project to the Directorate Activity register (Directorate)
  • Is project ready to be developed?

No action until ready to develop

  • Contact CoE to provide details of project/scheme(project manager)
  • Agree timelines for development and approval(centre of excellence)
  • meet with CoE to agree correct business case and observation report timelines (assurance)
  • meet with CoE to agree Appraisal Report and approval timelines (approval)


  • Provide timeline to approval (centre of excellence)
  • engage with legal, finance and procurement teams (project manager)
  • develop and submit business case (project manager)
  • business case maturity assessment (assurance)
  • assurance observation report (assurance)
  • revise/submit business case (project manager)
revise/submit business case (project manager) route 1
  • endorse business case to proceed to approval (executive director)
revise/submit business case (project manager) route 2
  • complete risk and investment appraisal report (approval)
  • respond to risk and investment appraisal report(project manager)
  • Approval process