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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What are the key principles of the SAF?

Initiation, Development & Approvals – The SAF is broken down into these three overarching processes with documentation and supporting guidance available to help with implementation

  • Directorate led – Directorates are responsible for developing business cases and engaging SMEs and delivery organisations. They control the pace of project initiation and the development of proposals

  • Proportionate – A proportionate approach is applied to development and approval of proposals, dependent upon their nature and complexity. At initiation, a Route Development Tool will propose the development and approval route to be followed by a project

  • Consistent and streamlined approach – All projects will go through the SAF, regardless of their funding stream(s)

  • Aligned to HM Treasury ‘Green Book’ – The SAF, and all supporting processes, are aligned to HM Treasury Green Book requirements; ensuring a consistent standard is applied to the development, appraisal and approval of Business Cases and ongoing monitoring of deliverables.