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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What do we mean by the ‘Single Assurance Framework’ or SAF?

The SAF is a set of systems, processes and protocols designed to provide WMCA with a consistent approach for appraisal, assurance, risk management and performance throughout the lifecycle of projects1 and programmes. The SAF sets out key processes for ensuring accountability, probity, transparency and legal compliance and for ensuring value for money is achieved across its investments.

The SAF will be applied across the lifecycle of all projects and programmes that will incur a financial liability on WMCA.

An overview of the SAF is provided in Appendix 1.


Why is it needed?

The Single Assurance Framework is needed to ensure that the WMCA is compliant with:

  • Project Governance – To meet the requirements of the Constitution

  • National Local Growth Assurance Framework Guidelines – The National Local Growth Assurance Framework sets out Government’s requirement for Mayoral Combined Authorities to develop their own Local Assurance Framework. There is a requirement to update it annually.

  • Best Value for money – ensuring that WMCA spend public money is the most effective and efficient way, meeting its Aims and Objectives

  • Monitoring & Evaluation Requirements – Effective monitoring and evaluation is a government requirement as well as being necessary at a strategic level to help inform the political stages of the decision-making process.