West Midlands City Giving Exclusive: Leading and collaborating using digital

Date - Tuesday 19 October, 2021 10:00 - Tuesday 19 October, 2021 11:15

In reaction to Covid many businesses started to work remotely overnight. This session talks about tools and techniques you need to make a success of not being in the same office as your staff & volunteers. Starting off with culture, this session talks helps you get the best out remote working. Discover tools and processes to create a positive remote culture for your charity.

The way we work is changing and by using the right tools, you can set your business on the path to working successfully in a digital environment. Session content:

  • Explore the benefits of working remotely
  • Introduction to digital collaboration tools
  • Explain how you could successfully lead your team remotely
  • Provide you with ideas to develop and nurture team spirit when working online