Thrive West Midlands - an Action Plan to drive better mental health and well-being in the West Midlands

31 January 2017 saw the launch of the West Midlands Combined Authority Mental Health Commission Action Plan, Thrive West Midlands.

The plan, for the CA, is the result of months of work by the commission. It aims to transform the way people with mental health problems are treated by public services and employers.

Download a copy of:

See also the University of Birmingham's report Mental Health in the West Midlands Combined Authority. More on the university's Health Services Management Centre here.

The Mental Health Commission objectives:

  • Assess the scale of mental health problems in the West Midlands and their cost and impact across the whole system
  • Examine best practice elsewhere nationally and internationally in both health and other service areas
  • Establish the relative costs and benefits within the whole system of the application of this best practice to the West Midlands
  • Pilot new ways of working to test effectiveness
  • Make recommendations on how the findings of the Commission can be best taken forward to reform public services in the West Midlands

Contact us:

Supt. Sean Russell, Implementation Director

Email: s.russell@west-midlands.pnn.police.uk

Tel: 07818 276259

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