Cultural Leadership Board



About the board

The WMCA Cultural Leadership Board was established in 2019 as an advisory board consisting of members from the arts & cultural sector across the WMCA area.

There are currently 21 Board members, representing different parts of the cultural sector across the WMCA geographical area:

Nikki Bi   Raidene Carter   Pamela Cole-Hudson   Indi Deol   Parminder Dosanjh   Doreen Foster   Ian Francis   Adrian Jackson   Jerrel Jackson   Cheryl Jones   Ayub Khan MBE   Andrew Lovett   Timothy Maycock   Julia Negus   Karen Newman   Laura Nyahuye   Gina Patel   Aftab Rahman   Simeon Shtebunaev   Martin Sutherland (CLB Chair)   Ammo Talwar   Carol King


Vision statement

“The WMCA Cultural Leadership Board (CLB) places culture at the heart of sustainable growth in the region, enhancing quality of life for its diverse communities.”


Mission statement

The Board will look for strategic opportunities to test the transformative role of culture across WMCA’s policy areas, including transport and housing, skills, digital, the environment, wellbeing and inclusive communities.

It is committed to building an innovative and entrepreneurial cultural sector, with leadership that reflects the diversity of our region, and supporting a world-class cultural offer that is accessible to all.”


For more information, you can download our Information Pack.


The board will meet quarterly, or more often if needed, you can download the approved minutes of the board meetings below

1st Board Meeting – 21 February 2020

2nd Board Meeting – 27 March 2020

3rd Board Meeting - 23 July 2020

4th Board Meeting - 24 September 2020

5th Board Meeting – 27 November 2020

6th Board Meeting – 22 February 2021

The Cultural Leadership Board is already working to support the development of the cultural sector, as well as advising WMCA on Covid-19 related issues and supporting plans for recovery.

The board is also working together with the West Midlands Cultural Response Unit.

Read the Cultural Leadership Board Equality and Diversity Audit Data.