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WMCA has created a Single Commissioning Framework to give investors and developers ready access to housing, land, and property development funding, where scheme viability is challenging, or when an investment is not readily available elsewhere. We want to protect as much greenfield land as possible and so the SCF prioritises brownfield sites.

In addition, we have setup a Zero Carbon Homes Task Force to produce a routemap to understand the journey to adopt a zero carbon homes standard for the region by 2025.

We launched the WM Design Charter which supports the delivery of low carbon developments, climate resilience, and capitalising on low carbon technological innovations to build sustainable communities. An Advanced Manufacture in Construction (AMC) Routemap has also been developed to support the delivery of innovative schemes and zero carbon homes in the region. 

There are 1.7 million existing houses in the West Midlands, and at least 200,000 of these are in ‘energy poverty’. Energy Capital is leading the development of a regional retrofit programme to improve the energy efficiency of homes, reduce fuel poverty and create skilled local jobs. Part of this work also includes providing advice to people who are struggling to keep their homes warm.

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