Land Commission

The Land Commission has made no specific recommendations on specific sites but has made a number of recommendations to accelerate a balanced portfolio of development across the WMCA area.

The four principles are: 

  1. Whilst accepting the value of continued adherence to the principle that all parts of the WMCA should benefit, though not necessarily at the same time or in the same way, the recommendations focus on the need for prioritisation.
  2. The need for the WMCA to add value to the existing development and delivery activities of the individual local authorities, and not to displace those activities.
  3. The WMCA should consider how it can make full and holistic use of both the new powers and the funding provided by the devolution deal and any future agreements with central government.
  4. Ensuring infrastructure investment, especially in strategic transport and provision of utilities, and the development of housing and employment sites are closely aligned.

The six key areas of action are:

  1. The development of a single agreed vision for the West Midlands expressed in a non-statutory Spatial Framework, supported by processes, including further and more detailed analysis of the needs of business and on the needs of the housing market.
  2. Action Zones where significant employment and housing space can be accommodated, underpinned by a delivery plan and a financial plan for each such zone.
  3. Continued development of a visible unity of purpose in delivering the vision, seen in the arrangements that underpin it, especially in local and national bodies collaboratively using the full range of existing and emerging planning powers; and in the creation of new collaborative delivery models to allow a joined-up approach to the delivery of key sites.
  4. A radically expanded programme of regeneration and remediation of brownfield sites across the West Midlands, engaging both local and national organisations.
  5. A strategic review of the Green Belt in geographical areas covered by the WMCA.
  6. Clarified governance and responsibility is needed to provide shared leadership and oversight of the implementation of the measures described in the report.