About the pledge

This pledge has been created by the Inclusive Leaders' Forum who, as organisations interested in increasing leadership diversity, wanted to share the message with others and create a way in which organisations in the West Midlands could identify who was interested and working on this topic. 

The Pledge has been designed by West Midlands' businesses, for West Midlands' businesses.

“We pledge to embed inclusivity in our organisation’s ethos and culture, so that every employee has a fair opportunity in recruitment, promotion and progression. We pledge that under-represented groups will be actively supported so that we can collectively make a difference to the leadership of the West Midlands.” 


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Guidance Notes

  • WMCA comprises one of the most diverse populations in the UK
  • We want all organisations to benefit from this diversity by enabling and encouraging all people, regardless of their diversity, to be able to work for them and be themselves at work – this is after all the right thing to do.
  • We recognise that a focus on associated activity will speed up the successful delivery of this aim
  • Organisations are requested to make up to 3 pledges for actions they commit to delivering in order to enhance the diversity and inclusion of their workforce
  • There is no prescribed or standard form for the pledges, they should be relevant for each organisation. For guidance, a selection of possible pledges, or style of wording, is provided below
  • The only requirement is that they be publicly declared, within the organisation and on the WMCA website
  • There is no currently planned formal verification activity, but experience from those already started on this journey shows that, once public, customers and employees act as an excellent critical friend and help maintain a focus on delivering the pledges
  • WMCA will provide some on line resource/data to assist in delivering the pledges and will set up a peer to peer mentoring scheme – so that organisations who have commenced their journey on Diversity and Inclusion can share their experiences with those more recent joiners. More details will appear on the WMCA website
  • Details of certificate, pledge logo etc. to include on website and literature


Organisations that have already made their pledge include: