This is Me provides employers with the tools to change cultures around mental health.

The West Midlands Combined Authority is working in partnership with the Lord Mayor’s Appeal (a registered charity) to deliver the pioneering This is Me campaign. This is Me supports organisations to change attitudes and build inclusive workplace cultures by encouraging employees to share their experience of mental health challenges.

Encouraging employees to be open about their mental health is important, and storytelling is a powerful way to help achieve this. See on the webpage employees in the West Midlands who have already shared their story and started to #endthestigma in their workplace.

The campaign is now in its 4th year where over 600 organisations have signed up nationally so far, potentially reaching over one million employees. Working in partnership with The Lord Mayor’s Appeal, we are now bringing this initiative to organisations across the West Midlands.

Find out more below and see how your organisation can sign up and #endthestigma in your workplace with the help of This is Me.


Click on the buttons to see how workplaces and employees have found the campaign.

In addition to sharing stories, This is Me is partnered with:

Green Ribbon - A campaign which takes place every May, and aims to get people talking openly about common mental health problems through wearing a green ribbon, acting as a visible sign of support.

Samaritans Wellbeing in the City - A free online resource which teaches employees the skills to confidently support one another. In as little as five minutes, you can learn skills that will help build confidence to reach out to a colleague, friend or family member who might be struggling to cope