System Collaboration

Enabling change across public services and civil society in the West Midlands by creating space for collaboration and establishing the foundations for that change.

System Collaboration

Change through working together

Our activities focus on joint working between our members and applying new ways of solving problems.

Leadership & Workforce

This will include work to develop a collaborative leadership programme for the West Midlands, with the WMCA playing a leading role to develop:

  • An accredited leadership framework 
  • A competency based apprenticeship framework

Digital & Data

The recruitment of a Chief Digital Officer will support digital innovation in public services. We have already seen the Urban Challenge, a competition where start-ups were asked to come up with digital solutions to some of the most pressing regional public service issues. You can read about the challenge, the winners and their projects here.

Work with the Office of Data Analytics is also planned.

Public Value Collaboration

A West Midlands 'Public Impact Lab' will be set up to bring people together to work solutions to the region's wider public service problems with the development of public value pilot schemes potentially taking place in selected areas, providing strong case studies for others to follow. 

Research and Intelligence

Robust research and intelligence will inform debates, explore options, free up resources and evaluate new ways of working. The proposed strategic vision is:

' create actionable insight supporting improved outcomes for West Midlands residents, by informing WMCA decision making.'

The WMCA support a new model for research and intelligence, which provides an opportunity to improve outcomes for residents and increase engagement with them by:

  • Focusing research and intelligence on delivering the WMCA's Strategic Economic Plan (SEP)
  • Taking a regional overview by working across teams to understand local issues
  • Ensuring research is reliable and robust by developing common principles, standards, methodologies and training
  • Improving information sharing and analysis with WMCA partners

The priorities up to 2020 are:

  • Delivering the research agenda for the SEP
  • Using existing knowledge
  • Learning what works and why - the West Midlands will be a hotbed of innovation in economic growth and public service reform, so we need to learn and adapt quickly
  • Understanding local people, particularly those with multiple needs, so we can transform social and economic outcomes


If you would like to contribute to our Public Service Reform (PSR) programme, please contact the leads below.