West Midlands On the Move

An active community is the dynamo of a happier, healthier, better connected and more prosperous West Midlands.

West Midlands On The Move, the WMCA’s physical activity strategy, is a key strand of our work to boost the wellbeing and prosperity of people in the region.

It focuses on how raising physical activity levels getting more people active and reducing inequalities can also help us meet the social and economic targets set out in the WMCA Strategic Economic Plan (SEP).

Currently adults in our region are among the least physically active in the country - with around a third spending less than 30 minutes a week on exercise.

The estimated consequential cost to the region is about £147m a year.

Evidence shows that economically prosperous places are also the most physically active – and points to physical inactivity leading to poorer health, reduced productivity, more isolated communities and lower educational attainment.

We have looked at where we can target efforts to make the biggest impact on our priorities - including transport, productivity and skills and digital - and work collectively at combined authority level to get more people moving and harness the value of physical activity to boost wellbeing.

West Midlands On The Move has been developed by the WMCA in consultation with local authorities, Public Health England, Sport England and the County Sports Partnerships.

Disability and Physical Activity 

West Midlands on the Move’s ambition is to make sure that physical activity and active citizenship is the norm in the West Midlands. In delivering this we are committed to reducing levels of physical inactivity and inequalities in the region and realise the potential to improve people’s life chances.

We are joining with disability and sports organisations to understand what is needed to improve the life opportunities of disabled people in the West Midlands by becoming the leading region in terms of the number of disabled who are physically active, along with finding good practice and gaining insight from them.

Our Disability and Physical Activity Working Group aims to produce a report for the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of the West Midlands by July 2018 setting out recommendations on what is needed to achieve our ambitions. We know that there are lots of good and promising examples, but that 30% of adults in the West Midlands are physically inactive and 48.9% of disabled adults in the West Midlands are inactive.

Please take our survey here and help inform our emerging approach.

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