Black Country Electric Vehicle Charging

Black Country councils are teaming up with the West Midlands Combined Authority to assess existing demand for electric vehicles and anticipate future demand over the next five years. We are keen to understand where demand is highest so we can consider a response in respect to on-street residential charge points, and address the need for other public charging infrastructure. 

We are also interested in hearing your general thoughts and opinions on electric vehicles so that we can forward plan to adapt local policy accordingly.

The government are investing in electric vehicles and electric vehicle charging infrastructure to try and combat air quality and climate change and encourage the transition from petrol and diesel vehicles. With the region a leader in developing electric vehicle technology, we are looking to make use of this investment.

As more people switch to electric vehicles local authorities have to be one step ahead by accommodating electric vehicle charging infrastructure around their urban centres.

Visit Go Ultra Low for more on electric vehicles and charging, and watch the videos above for what owners and potential converts think. You can also read more testimonials here.

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Please see below for information on electric vehicles. For more FAQs including a map of charging points visit Zap Map