Better Streets Birmingham


We're delighted to announce that the following projects in Birmingham have been successful:


Woodgate Valley Country Park 

The Better Streets Community Fund will be funding the widening and resurfacing of the main pathways around Woodgate Valley Country Park to allow for people using adapted bicycles to use their routes. There will also be a contribution made to a local charity to provide adapted bikes and storage for them with the aim of creating a hub for inclusive cycling.

Before (Dated 24/03/20)

Wheelers Lane and Barns Lane

The Better Streets Community Fund will be funding an improved crossing across the busy roads of Wheelers Lane and Barns Lane. This is to improve safety and access to the 5 schools in the local area.

Before (Dated 24/03/20)

Soho Road in Bloom

The Better Streets Community Fund will be funding the expansion of the Soho Road in Bloom project which aims to make the Soho Road a more pleasant place to walk and shop. The funding will go towards more planters which will reduce pavement parking and aid in improving air quality.


Clifton Primary School

The fund will provide Clifton Primary School with a number of Parking Buddies which aim to reduce the amount of pavement parking outside of their school. This will help make the trip school a safer and happier experience.

Before (dated 26/02/20)


After (dated 27/02/20) 


Sparkbrook/Balsall Heath

The Better Streets Community Fund will be providing funding for cycle parking outside a community hub in Sparkbrook/Balsall Heath. This will give local people the opportunity to cycle to their community hub without the concern of not knowing where to park their bike.


Summer Lane Canal Access

The Fund will be contributing towards the improvement of the canal access point on Summer Lane. The access currently has steps which make it difficult for cyclists and those with mobility issues to gain access to the canal, the improvements will aim to remove these steps to make it more accessible.


Tangmere Drive Crossing

Improvements will be made to a crossing on Tangmere Drive to improve access to local facilities.

Before (Dated 24/03/20)