Better Streets Coventry


We're delighted to announce that the following projects in Coventry have been successful:


Charterhouse Community Corridor

The Better Streets Community Fund will be funding the first stage of the Charterhouse Community Corridor. Working with Historic Coventry Trust the funding will be used to create an safe, accessible, offroad cycle link between the local residential areas to and the historic Charterhouse building in Coventry. The end result being a completely traffic free walking and cycling route which can be used by everyone in the local community. 


Stoke Aldermoor

This project aims to make the community of Stoke Aldermoor an easier place to walk and cycle around. This will be done with improvements to signage, lighting and cycle parking within the community.


Allesley Park

The project aims to improve the pedestrian and cycling access to Allesley Park in Coventry. This will be done by delivering a new crossing across Allesley Park Drive as well as safer entrance for pedestrians and cyclists to the park itself.


Local Nursery

The Better Streets Community fund will be providing funding to add cycle parking to a local nursery to allow parents to cycle their children to school.



The Better Streets Community Fund will be contributing towards the setting up of a Parkride Inclusive Cycling Centre in Coventry. The funding will be a contribution towards the provision of adapted bicycles and storage for them.


Stivichall Primary School

The Better Streets Community Fund will provide funding to improve cycle parking outside Stivichall Primary School to enable more children from the local community to cycle to school.