Better Streets Walsall


We're delighted to announce that the following projects in Walsall have been successful:


National Cycle Route 5

The Better Streets Community Fund will provide funding to improve accessibility on National Cycle Route 5 in Walsall and improve a the link between NCN5 and Walsall Town Centre. The aim being to give all of the local community the opportunity to access the town centre and NCN5 by bike. 


Hawes road

This project will aim to deliver cycling and walking improvements along Hawes road with the aim of encouraging local residents to walk and cycle more. The project will widen footpaths and calm traffic to make the area a more pleasant place for the local community to become more active.


Aldridge High Street

This project will add cycle parking to Aldridge High Street outside of Aldridge Social Club, as well as adding some planters and other improvements to the public realm improvements. The aim of this project is to make the town centre a more attractive place to cycle to in the hope of reducing congestion in the town.


Walsall Rugby Club 

The Better Streets Community Fund will help make Walsall Rugby Club a cycling hub for the local community. The aim is to build new cycle storage and provide a balance bike area for members of the local community to engage with cycling.

Before (dated 05/03/2020)

After (dated 11/06/2020)