Better Streets Wolverhampton


We're delighted to announce that the following projects in Wolverhampton have been successful:


Cycleways and Signage

This project will make minor improvements to cycleways and signage around a local community of Wolverhampton.


Wednesfield Road

The Better Streets Community Fund will help support the delivery of improvements along the Wednesfield Road with the aim of creating a strategic cycling link into the Town Centre.


Park Village Education

The Better Streets Community Fund will help Park Village Education become a cycling centre for its members and the wider community. The project will provide cycle parking, maintenance equipment as well as an area in cycle training can take place.

Before/beginning of works (May-June 2020)


During works (June 2020)

Completed works (July 2020)

Aldersley Stadium

The Better Streets Community Fund will be contributing towards the setting up of a Wheels for All Inclusive Cycling Centre at Aldersley Stadium in Wolverhampton. The funding will be a contribution towards the provision of adapted bicycles and storage for them.