Get Involved

There are a variety of different ways your business can get involved, from hosting a virtual workshop to  organising your own charity event with your colleagues. Have a look at some of the different ideas we’ve suggested and don’t forget it’s all about raising money and having FUN….

Event ideas

  • Launch a new community or CSR initiative
  • Hold a charity fair showcasing the work of your charity partners
  • Hold awards/recognition ceremonies for the impact have had on their communities
  • Hold a volunteer recruitment drive
  • Run a community-based workshop
  • Run a mentoring event

Fun event ideas to do with your colleagues

  • Host a talent show – what hidden talents do your colleagues have? Charge for a ticket and be prepared to be entertained
  • Bake off – this one will be judged on appearance – who has the best decorated cake
  • Go purple – with your colleagues for the day, wear something purple, set a competition of designing a meal with only purple food or a purple fancy dress competition
  • Host a dance class – encourage your colleagues to take part and learn a new set of “moves”
  • Pet show – pick a colleague to be a judge and showcase your pet

Other events happening in the region for you to take part in

Host a virtual workshop

We have some key topics for you to choose from:

  • Marketing & communication
  • Web/IT Development
  • BID writing
  • Strategy planning
  • Quality and evaluation
  • Project planning
  • Managing people and resource

Charity Forum

These events are an opportunity for charities to share their concerns and challenges and for you as volunteers to work with the charity on their immediate and medium term plans, as they attempt to tackle their survival as a charity. No specific skills are required other than your desire to listen, help to challenge and provide ideas where you feel that you are able. There will be a facilitator on the session and other volunteers who will work with you to collaborative thinking.

Be part of Mayor’s Giving Month 2021

Scheduled Mayor’s Giving Month Events

Find out about events other businesses and charities are hosting and how you can get involved in them.

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