Homelessness Taskforce

The WMCA Homelessness Taskforce was established in 2017 following the mayoral election, with the aim of desigining out homelessness. Membership includes all seven constituent local authorities, representation from non-constituent local authorities, key public sector agencies, voluntary, private and charitable organisations, working together to prevent and relieve homelessness.

The Taskforce uses its collective resources to tackle homelessness, and recognises that homelessness can occur in many ways, including rough sleeping, sofa surfing, night-shelters, B&B, temporary accommodation, hostels and squatting.

Our collaboration across the region, across sectors and disciplines, has led us to focus on tackling the troubled systems that contribute to homelessness and replace them with approaches that prevent and design out homelessness.

Designing out Homelessness

We know that people are at an increased risk of homelessness when certain factors are broken or lost, including: health, work, supportive relationships, and safe, affordable accommodation.

The work of the Homelessness Taskforce is integral to the mainstream activity of the WMCA. The WMCA has no statutory duties, powers or resources around homelessness, but in designing out homelessness, is committed to identifying and addressing gaps in policies, procedures, laws, structures, systems and relationships that either cause or fail to prevent homelessness.

This work is scrutinised by the Members Advisory Group (MAG) consisting of elected officials from our local authorities.  The MAG reports to the WMCA  Public Service Reform Board 


Plan on a page

Designing out homelessness diagram

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This ‘plan on a page’ sets out the work programme of the Taskforce. This includes the ‘Commitment to Collaborate (C2C), a framework by which organisations can identify their contributions and omissions in designing out homelessness, under the headings – Universal Prevention; Targeted Prevention; Crisis; Recovery; Move-on; and Settled Home.


Taskforce steering group supporters and members