Mayor's 2020 Aims

As part of the Mayor’s manifesto Andy’s aims are to revolutionise the lives of citizens within the West Midlands – here’s how he envisages peoples’ lives to have changed by the year 2020.

Commuting in the West Midlands to be quicker, with less traffic and more punctual and less crowded public transport

Zero young people will be unemployed or not in skills training

The West Midlands economy will be the fastest growing of any city region in Britain

Wages in the West Midlands will be increasing faster than any other city region in Britain

25,000 new homes to have been built in the West Midlands

A significant reduction in anti-social behaviours, especially on buses and trains

Mental health problems will be decreasing not increasing

Establish the Mayor as so important that turnout in the Mayoral election in 2020 will be 5% higher than in 2017