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Birmingham Tech Week 2023

Birmingham Tech Week 2023

The UK’s largest regional tech festival and conference

With over 7,500 people attending, Birmingham Tech Week 2023 brings together the nation's best and brightest tech brands, experts, and innovators.

Events will be taking place across the entire West Midlands covering a variety of important and innovative topics.

During the week-long event, we're hosting several of our own sessions, sharing insights and updates related to our own work in the sector. You can find out more about our sessions and what we'll be covering during the event using our handy guide below.

Our Involvement

Date: Monday 16th October

Time: 12:30 - 16:00 pm

Location: BT's offices, Birmingham

Overview: techUK will be publishing the latest edition of our Local Digital Index. The Index and report will analyse the strength on the tech sector across the UK in fields such as digital skills, digital infrastructure, finance and investment and digital adoption as well as making recommendations for how the tech sector can be strengthened across the entire UK.

The UKs tech sector has a vital role in the growth of the UK economy and it’s through building stronger local economies that we’ll be able to ensure every area of the UK is improving productivity, creating jobs and supporting the growth of new and existing companies.

Register here for techUK event.

Date: Tuesday 17th October

Time: 14:00 pm -15:00 pm

Location: The Exchange, Birmingham

Overview: Also referred to as a digital transformation or strategy roadmap, the digital roadmap is a critical part of any business. Usually, the roadmap will fill the gap between the high level strategy and the detailed execution plan, creating a flow from vision to implementation.

A digital roadmap is a blueprint for your business, whether you are a pre-start up, start up or established business.

Come along to this exciting session facilitated by Microsoft UK and WMCA with a panel of tech business owners in the WM Region to find out more about their Digital Roadmaps that have set them up for success in this region and beyond.

Date: Tuesday 17th October

Time: 15:00 pm - 17:00 pm

Location: UKRRIN Building, UoB campus

Overview: ITWG joint event with IMWG, delivered in partnership wth TfWM, debating the future of ticketing.

Register here for the Digital Railway and the Future of Ticketing.

Date: Thursday 19th October

Time: 09:00 am - 16:45 pm

Location: STEAMhouse

Overview: Starting a business can be hard, scary and often lonely. The Startup Zone will help budding entrepreneurs and growing startups navigate the tech ecosystem with loads of support organisations willing and able to help. You’ll also get to hear from later stage businesses and learn from their challenges as well as have time to mingle and build that all important network.

Register here for the ScaleUp Summit.

Date: Thursday 19th October

Time: 09:00 am - 16:45 pm

Location: The Studio, Birmingham

Overview: Join us as we explore the limitless possibilities of technology in paving the way for a digitally empowered logistics industry and engage in discussions with other senior leaders looking to solidify their business strategy. Exchange insights, share experiences and collaborate with like-minded individuals to find innovative solutions and stay ahead in this ever-changing industry.

Digital Transformation in Logistics is a must attend event for logistics professionals seeking to leverage digital transformation to enhance efficiency, streamline operations and gain a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving logistics landscape.

Register here for the Logistics UK - Digital Transformation in Logistics.

Birmingham Tech Week 2022 Highlights


Birmingham Tech Week brings together the sector's leading innovators and businesses, to share knowledge, set-out plans for the future, and drive growth in our region's industries.

This year's event will bring together 7,500 key players for an in-person and online experience, available for all to attend.

Birmingham Tech Week is aimed at businesses, entrepreneurs, and innovators, who are interested in, involved with, or inspired by the UK Tech sector and the opportunities it provides.

Sessions throughout the week will provide insight into developments, opportunities, and advancements in the sector and will provide something for all attendees.

Yes. You can register for the entire event via the Birmingham Tech Week website, as well as sign up for individual sessions using the session planner.

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