What we do

We work collaboratively on many projects to deliver our vision of a more prosperous West Midlands.


The Strategic Economic Plan (SEP) sets out what we aim to achieve by 2030, including more jobs and homes and better skills, productivity and transport.

Housing & land

The region has a growing population that needs to be housed. That’s why the WMCA is looking at ways to provide more land for homes and jobs.

Productivity & skills

The WMCA aims to tackle the low productivity, shortage of skills shortage and high rates of unemployment seen in some parts of the region.


We need a fully integrated transport network that can accelerate economic growth and provide the connections needed to get the most from HS2.


HS2 will be much more than a railway. It will be a catalyst for growth, a gateway to the rest of the country and a symbol of our resurgent region.


A strong economy will raise the quality of life for everyone in the West Midlands. The Strategic Economic Plan (SEP) underpins our aims for economic growth.

Public service reform

Reform of vital services will improve the opportunities in life for all West Midlands residents. See how the WMCA is working to achieve this.


We have a wide portfolio of high-profile projects that will upgrade infrastructure and help regenerate and grow the West Midlands economy.

Research & analysis

We are working towards creating a blueprint for reform including improved mental health, more land for housing and employment and increased skills.

Committee meetings

Dates for past and forthcoming WMCA committee meetings as well as information and documents relating to decisions taken by the board.

Budget & spending

Financial reports, yearly accounts, monthly expenditure and other documents relating to the WMCA budget can be found in this section.