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What we do

Why this is the moment for the West Midlands

What are Combined Authorities?

Combined Authorities exist to grow economies in their regions.

They invest in projects across areas such as transport, skills and wellbeing.

West Midlands Combined Authority was created to deliver an ambitious plan to drive inclusive economic growth - in the West Midlands.

But we are not a council.

For example, we don’t collect bins. You don’t pay council tax to us. Most services are delivered by our partners.

Instead, we deliver plans and funding that unlock those services.

We represent seven local authorities with a further 10 as non-constituent members.

Local Enterprise Partnerships in the Black Country, Coventry and Warwickshire and Greater Birmingham and Solihull have now both officially closed their services with operations moving over to us.

We're headed by the Mayor of the West Midlands.

We work together to move powers to the West Midlands' elected politicians, who know this region best.

Inclusive growth is at the heart of our vision. We want to build a region where people thrive in the places they live and work. That's focused on people as well as place.

The West Midlands is a region on the move. Our moment is now.

Environment & Energy

We’re looking at ways to tackle climate change in the region.

Housing and Land

We help to unlock brownfield sites so that new homes can be built.

Inclusive Communities

Ensuring growth benefits everyone, including vulnerable communities.


Building a transport system that links people to opportunities.

Economic Delivery, Skills and Communities

Developing the region through Economy, Skills and Communities

Single Assurance Framework

Ensuring accountability, probity, transparency and legal compliance

Budget & spending

Financial reports, yearly accounts, monthly expenditure and other documents relating to the WMCA budget can be found in this section.


Our wellbeing programmes have been established to help support people with healthier lifestyles.

Inclusive Growth Framework

Our strategic approach to building a fairer, greener and better connected region.

WMCA Homelessness Taskforce

The Homelessness Taskforce was established with a commitment to bring together organisations, people and resources to tackle homelessness.

Careers Hub

Working with secondary schools and colleges - connecting them with local employers and allowing students to succeed.

Social Economy

The Social Economy is a collective term for all ‘not for personal profit’ organisations that exist to improve disadvantaged communities, support disadvantaged people and address social or environmental issues but do so using a trading (business) model to generate the majority or all the funds they need.

Commonwealth Games Legacy Enhancement Fund

How we're working to support the legacy of Birmingham 2022

Research and Insights

Ensuring decision-makers have the right evidence, at the right time, to make the right decisions.

Business Growth West Midlands

Need help elevating your business? We offer fully funded, tailored guidance and support to businesses at every stage of their growth journey.