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Single Assurance Framework

What is the Single Assurance Framework?

The Single Assurance Framework (SAF) is a set of systems, processes and protocols designed to provide a consistent approach for appraisal, assurance, risk management and performance throughout the lifecycle of WMCA projects and programmes.

The SAF sets out key processes for ensuring accountability, probity, transparency and legal compliance and for ensuring value for money is achieved across its investments.

WMCA Finance & Business Hub (Programme Assurance & Appraisal Team), will provide support to ensure that all projects and funding follow the SAF and that it is applied proportionally and consistently. As experts in risk, assurance, appraisal and project management they will work with Portfolios and project delivery partners to provide technical expertise, support and guidance to help navigate the new framework.

A suite of templates and supporting guidance has also been developed for each SAF touchpoint.

If you have questions about SAF please contact:

For guidance on Panels and Boards please contact our Governance Team: