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Mayor's Mentors

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The Mayor’s Mentors scheme is partnering with mentoring organisations to provide opportunities for young people to be mentored by professionals, raising aspiration and providing role models.

Over 10,000 young people across the region have been mentored to date.

Over the past few years, the West Midlands has enjoyed considerable economic success. Driven by a dynamic and thriving business community, wealth and opportunity have been brought into the region, making it a world class business hub. However, not everyone has been able to benefit from this success. Mayor’s Mentors aims to help give these young people, who have perhaps not benefited as much from the growing Midlands economy, the life skills and advice they need to flourish and alter their lives for the better.

The role of a mentor is to encourage the personal and professional development of a mentee through the sharing of knowledge, expertise and experience. The mentoring relationship is built on mutual trust, respect and communication, and involves both parties meeting regularly to exchange ideas, discuss progress and set goals for further development that’s why we work with a number of partners to ensure there is the right fit for everyone.

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