Code of Conduct investigation report

Statement by Deborah Cadman, OBE,  Chief Executive of West Midlands Combined Authority

"On Friday 8 February the Mayor of the West Midlands, Andy Street, issued a public statement at the start of the West Midlands Combined Authority Board meeting announcing that he had referred himself to the WMCA’s Monitoring Officer, Tim Martin.

"This was in relation to him apparently issuing a tweet encouraging persons to vote on the consultation into whether or not the Mayor should also take on the responsibilities of the Police and Crime Commissioner.


"We are today publishing the outcome of the investigation into these events conducted independently of the WMCA by Anthony Collins Solicitors.

"The findings of the report (paras 19-21) are clear that there is no case in relation to the Disclosable Pecuniary Interests Regulations, or in relation to other interests of the Mayor nor has the Mayor committed any breach the WMCA Code of Conduct.

"On that basis, I therefore consider the matter closed. A number of steps are, however, being taken to ensure that there is greater clarity between the role of the Mayor’s office and the WMCA communications team.

"For example, we are establishing new social media accounts for the Mayor of the West Midlands. These will be immediately available to the current Mayor and all future holders of the office.

"They will be run by the WMCA communications team to ensure a formal separation between the official accounts and those used for the purposes of political campaigning."

The full report is published here.

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