Coventry families can now swap their old banger for new bikes under ground-breaking mobility credits scheme

Transport for West Midlands (TfWM) has teamed up with Coventry cycle shops to offer those taking part in the pioneering mobility credits scheme the chance to buy new bikes.

Under the scheme, launched in Coventry last year, residents have been able to trade their older, high-polluting petrol or diesel car for £3,000 worth of mobility credits, which can be spent on more environmentally friendly travel including public transport, taxis, car hire or bike hire.

Now, following a tie in with Coventry branches of Halfords and Cycle King & Hawk Cycles, they can use up to half of their credits on up to two new bikes or eBikes, plus cycle accessories.

Coventry families can now swap their old banger for new bikes under ground-breaking mobility credits scheme

So far, 79 people have handed over their old cars to be taken off the streets permanently and crushed, and anyone wishing to join has until the end of March to apply.

Mobility Credits is a West Midlands Future Transport Zone project designed to get older cars off the road and to encourage owners to change their travel behaviour – to reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality.

Andy Street, the Mayor of the West Midlands, said: “If we are to succeed in weaning ourselves off our traditional reliance on the car and adjust to more active and healthy forms of travel, we have to be willing to try new ideas.

“That’s why I’m so encouraged by our mobility credits trial scheme, which we are now widening to include the purchase of bikes. This new offer means that those taking part can buy a bike for themselves and their family, instead of just hiring them, and can enjoy the healthy benefits of cycling long after the scheme ends.

“Overall the scheme – the first of its kind – has helped us to better understand what works well and what maybe does not when it comes to encouraging people to use more sustainable transport, and we will take on board these lessons when developing future projects.”

Anthony Caie, Halfords services and B2B director, said: “This is a really enlightened initiative by TfWM and Coventry City Council and we’re delighted to support it. Helping people make more sustainable transport choices, including moving to electric forms of mobility, is a core part of our mission. Millions of people are discovering new, green ways to travel, including eBikes which are great for commuting. Our eBikes start at under £500, so with up to £1,500 on offer, an eBike will be well within reach of many people who take advantage of the scheme.”

Darren Hunt, group retail managing director for Cycle King & Hawk Cycles, said: “We are really pleased to be working with both TfWM and our customers in the Coventry area on this new scheme. We stock over 70,000 bikes for every type of cyclist along with a huge range of cycling accessories for all occasions.

“As a family business we have supported our customers across the West Midlands for over 50 years and very much look forward to being able to help anyone who takes advantage of this fantastic scheme.” 

Councillor Jim O’Boyle, cabinet member for jobs, regeneration and climate change at Coventry City Council, said: “Here in Coventry, we are committed to empowering our residents to be able to choose more sustainable, environmentally friendly methods of travel. That’s why we’ve continued to support this scheme.

“We understand that getting rid of your car can be a big step for some of our residents. That’s why I’m pleased that this offer, that allows residents to own their bike as opposed to just hiring them, is now available.

“In addition, getting rid of some of the highest polluting petrol and diesel cars in the city will also help to tackle our air quality issues. So, this scheme represents a fantastic opportunity not only for our residents but for our city as a whole – all part of our green industrial revolution.”

Adam Tranter, cycling and walking commissioner for the West Midlands, said: “Mobility Credits is an innovative scheme to help people scrap their old polluting vehicles and use cleaner, greener transport instead. As well as public transport, cycle hire, car clubs and taxis, we’re pleased to now be able to allow people to use their credits to buy bikes.

“We’ll scrap your old polluting car, you can get a quality bike you can keep, and still have some credits left over for other journeys by public transport or car club when you need to.

“If you are thinking about taking advantage of the offer, there are just a few weeks for new people to join the scheme.”

To find out more about eligibility and apply for mobility credits, visit the webpage or telephone 0345 303 6760.

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