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Free cycle and e-scooter credits to support travel costs for West Midlands residents

Published: Wednesday 20 Mar 2024

Transport for West Midlands (TfWM) has launched its Go Cycle and Scoot offer which aims to help residents across the West Midlands with the cost of living with free cycle and e-scooter credits.

The project uses funding from Active Travel England to promote sustainable and accessible transport, offering free travel for 300 minutes on a West Midlands e-scooter or e-bike or 600 minutes on a pedal bike; valid for up to 30 days to people who may be facing financial challenges.

Beryl e-scooters lined up

Applicants who earn under £30,000 a year before tax or who receive qualifying benefits and live in Birmingham, Coventry, Dudley, Sandwell, Solihull, Walsall, or Wolverhampton can sign up for the scheme. They must not be receiving any other travel to work help and must be aged 16 and over for cycle hire or 18 and over for e-scooter hire, to take advantage of the opportunity.

Eligible customers will receive a one-time code for free credit which can be activated through the app for immediate access to bike and e-scooter hire. This credit is equivalent to £32*.  Each user is entitled to one code per financial year, which runs from April 1st to March 31st.

This initiative opens doors to sustainable travel options, while promoting active lifestyles and improved well-being by encouraging leisurely rides and fitness options.

Andy Street, Mayor of the West Midlands and WMCA chair, said: “Many people have been facing cost of living pressures recently so it’s important we do everything we can to make low carbon and active travel as affordable as possible.

“We already have some of the lowest bus fares in the country and our Go Cycle and Scoot scheme will now reduce the cost of hiring our bikes and scooters.

“They really are a convenient and environmentally friendly way to get around, whether it’s for travelling to work, a crucial appointment or just to have fun.

“I believe the scheme will encourage more people to use bikes or scooters for journeys around our towns and cities and once people give it a go it often becomes a sustainable and healthy activity for life.”

Cllr Mike Bird, WMCA portfolio holder for transport and leader of Walsall Council said: “Go Cycle and Scoot is a great example of how we are putting our active travel funding towards creating new opportunities for our residents.

“Encouraging more people to cycle or use e-scooters, especially as an alternative to the car for their shorter journeys, can help reduce traffic congestion on our roads, improve our air quality and is good for their health.”

There are over 240 Cycle Hire docks across the West Midlands, see here for the map that shows dock and ride locations.

For more information about Go Cycle and Scoot and how to apply, please visit the TfWM website.

Visit West Midlands E-scooter Hire and West Midlands Cycle Hire pages to find out how to register for the scheme.


*Cannot be exchanged for cash equivalent.

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