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Retrofit (EV charging, Insulation skills and Heat Pump)

We’re all trying to live more efficiently, and retrofitting is key to advancing our infrastructure to make it more sustainable — so, if you like the idea of being an active part of reshaping the future, one of these bootcamps could be right for you.

Retrofit Skills Bootcamps cover EV charging, installation, and heat pumps. There’s even the opportunity to get a bit creative, with courses like ‘Design and Installation of EV Charging Points’ on offer.

Not only do Retrofit Skills Bootcamps teach practical skills that employers are seeking, but they could help to put you at the forefront of positive change.

Why sign up to a Retrofit Skills Bootcamp?

  • Enhance your future employability
  • Learn how to implement sustainable changes to existing infrastructure
  • Network with like-minded learners
  • Benefit from a practical, hands-on working environment
  • Gain essential industry knowledge

Discover our retrofit providers below.

Click on each provider to see what bootcamps they are delivering.