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Adapting to Climate Change

Understanding our climate-related risks and taking steps to be more resilient

What is climate change adaptation?

Our climate is changing. The world’s temperature is rising, bringing with it changes to the climate and to weather patterns.

In the West Midlands we’re going to see:

  • Warmer, wetter winters
  • Hotter, drier summers
  • And more extreme weather events

These new weather events aren’t what we’re used to in the West Midlands. Unless we adapt to and prepare for the changing climate, our people, infrastructure and natural environment will be exposed to a number of climate-related impacts.

What is climate adaptation and resilience?

Climate adaptation refers to the adjustments made to ensure that our region can better prepare for climate threats.

The goal of adaptation is climate resilience, where our communities, infrastructure and natural environment can withstand, cope with and bounce back from climate impacts.

WMCA Climate Adaptation Work 

In 2021 the WMCA worked with Sustainability West Midlands in creating the West Midlands Climate Change Adaptation Plan (2021-2026).

In 2022 we kickstarted this work by publishing a Summary of Climate Change Impacts in the WMCA Area, a high-level summary of the climate change scenarios, likely impacts and risks across our constituent areas.

We are working across the WMCA to develop adaptation awareness and action in the following workstreams:

  • Retrofit and decarbonisation programmes, focusing on overheating, flood risk and water efficiency.
  • Transport to support the resilience of walking and cycling routes within the West Midlands
  • Trialling community-led approaches to tackling climate change through the new Community Environment Fund.
  • Collaboration with wider stakeholders to develop an adaptation investment pipeline of nature-based solutions, aligning with Local Investment in Natural Capital work funded by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA).
  • Maximizing the wider adaptation benefits of the upcoming West Midlands Local Nature Recovery Strategy (LNRS) to be developed by the WMCA.
  • Partnering with the West Midlands Local Resilience Forum (LRF) to embed climate considerations and adaptation in their coordinated work.

We are also supporting our communities to deliver adaptation projects through our Community Environment Fund.

Preparing for Climate Change: Guidance and Support

Here you’ll find a list of trusted advice, guidance, and support for how to respond to climate impacts (like severe weather) and prepare for them ahead of time.

This is not an exhaustive list of advice and the WMCA will be reviewing and adding to these links on an ongoing basis.

Check your area for flood risk:

Check your area for heat risk:

Extreme weather warnings

British Red Cross

NHS England

West Midlands Fire Service

Age UK

Contact us

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