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Building Efficiently

We’re working to make sure every building in the West Midlands is as energy-efficient as possible. That includes both ensuring a low environmental impact of new buildings, and improving existing buildings by retrofitting them with improved technology.

These efforts are being driven by our Zero Carbon Homes Taskforce which is helping to set the zero carbon standards that all new homes built in the region must meet from 2025. This is an essential part of delivering one of the UK’s highest housing targets of 16,500 homes per year in an energy-efficient way.

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Prioritising redevelopment

To keep our green spaces available for everyone to enjoy, we’re looking to have 80% of construction projects taking place on brownfield sites - areas that have previously been built on that are in need of regeneration.

Our Single Commissioning Framework supports investors and developers to create new homes, commercial and retail space. It has been designed to help them overcome barriers and bring forward new development opportunities that will benefit the region.

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Creating sustainable communities

We want everyone involved in development projects in the area to think creatively about how buildings are designed. Climate resilience and low carbon technology should be at the forefront of their plans.

The WM Design Charter encourages the use of innovative techniques, inspiring designers to consider connectivity, wellbeing and sustainability as a core part of their process.

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