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More on the UK’s largest gas distribution network

Cadent, the UK’s largest gas distribution network, is at the forefront of the challenge to transition the UK’s businesses and 22 million homes to low-carbon heating by 2050.

Today, around 86% of homes in the UK use fossil gas for heating. With 2050 just around the corner, we understand that consumers, as well as technical and economic considerations, are at the heart of the journey to net zero.

Cadent’s work is supported by the Government’s significant commitment to grow the low carbon hydrogen economy - declaring 20-35% of the UK’s energy consumption by 2050 could be hydrogen based. Gaining consumers’ trust and providing them with choices is vital in ensuring the transformation to low-carbon heat becomes a reality.

To provide real consumer choice, the energy industry needs to work collaboratively to create a true whole-system approach. Cadent is proud to be working alongside key regional stakeholders to ensure plans are shaped with their needs in mind.

Bringing this to life in the West Midlands, Cadent, in partnership with National Grid Gas Transmission, are currently creating a vision for the region of the potential demand and investment opportunities for hydrogen.

This study will create a regional hydrogen transition roadmap and could cement the West Midlands as a leader in the transition to a low carbon hydrogen economy, whilst delivering huge benefits to local people and businesses.

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Infrastructure is the backbone of Cadent’s role, as we maintain and convert a network of more than 80,000 miles of pipes ready for the transition to low-carbon heat. This work is already well underway across the West Midlands through the mains replacement programme.

The mains replacement programme is the bridge between Cadent’s short and long-term ambitions – ensuring there will always be a safe and reliable network, but one that can carry future green gases, such as hydrogen.

With Cadent’s network already in place, the ultimate goal is to switch to the lower carbon alternative offered by hydrogen. Utilising the existing network to transport hydrogen will result in a more resilient energy system and relieve the pressure on the electricity grid, especially during peak winter months.

Cadent fully supports renewable electricity from wind and solar to meet lots of the country’s energy needs but it is now well understood that if we are to reach 100% carbon reduction, hydrogen will be essential to heat our homes, fuel heavy transport and power industries.

"We’re proud to be investing in the West Midlands - doing what we can to help make net zero a reality in the region while supporting jobs and growth. Collaborating with partners such as Energy Capital ensures that this work is more coordinated and more effective."


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Elliott Nelson

West Midlands Director

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