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How Climate-KIC played a pivotal role in our formation

Climate-KIC is one of nine European ‘Knowledge Innovation Communities’ (KICs) funded by EU (EIT), government, private and philanthropic investors.

Climate-KIC works with places (cities, regions, states) and along industry value-chains to co-design, develop, and deploy innovation to meet ambitious net zero and climate resilience targets. This innovation covers all available levers: investment models, skills, technology, business models, new markets, policy and regulation, governance, and social behaviours. Capturing and sharing the learning, insights, and intelligence from these interventions, delivered at scale, enables rapid change in cities, along industry value-chains, and in land use.

Climate-KIC played a pivotal role in the formation of Energy Capital, leading several workshops with stakeholders to identify strategic projects and working arrangements; these workshops mapped partners and relationships in energy, buildings and mobility.

We continued to support the work of Energy Capital, relishing the unique opportunity to stimulate the growth of an energy-focused climate innovation cluster in the West Midlands region by funding multiple innovation projects, along with providing funding support for – and investing in - early-stage companies developing clean energy solutions.

Climate-KIC now leads the technical support for the 112 cities across Europe (including in the UK) which are part of the EU Cities Mission, and which are seeking to meet net zero emissions targets by 2030. This includes deploying innovation across the whole suite of possible ways to leverage change, from new investment models, skills and capabilities, citizen engagement, market design, as well as new technologies. We’re keen to share the insights and intelligence from this Europe-wide platform with the West Midlands – and in turn learn from the practical experiences of West Midlands’ actions on energy

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Through building a portfolio of interventions, Climate-KIC is able to develop learning, insights and intelligence about interventions that deliver rapid positive change, which is then widely shared.

A key focus for Climate-KIC is transition from the learning phase of innovation (supporting early-stage companies, public seed-funding and venture capital, innovation projects) to the scaling of solutions (with institutional capital, shared learning, capacities, and capabilities) across cities and regions Climate-KIC is a membership organisation and has offices in 13 European countries and 150 staff.

"As a long-standing partner of Energy Capital, Climate-KIC welcomes the relaunch of the Energy Capital Partnership and its focus on driving resilience and improvements in the energy system that support ambitious climate targets."

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