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Energy Systems Catapult

How Energy Systems Catapult helps companies to innovate and flourish

Energy Systems Catapult is one of nine innovation and technology catapults across the UK. It was established in 2013 to accelerate the transformation of the UK’s energy system and help businesses and consumers capture associated economic opportunities.

By providing technical, commercial and policy advice, and through thought leadership, collaboration and commercial commissioning, the Catapult helps clean companies to innovate and flourish.

Recognising the pioneering work in the West Midlands, the Energy Systems Catapult has been strongly supportive of the region’s push to become a ‘Net Zero Pathfinder’. We advocate the West Midlands’ call for enhanced place based management, planning and governance of local energy systems, in partnership with national players, to build an energy system fit for the locality, its communities and its economy. Through the Energy Revolution Integration Service, the Catapult has been instrumental in overseeing, guiding and advising some of the region’s most powerful energy system projects:

  • Using Coventry as the case study, the RESO (Regional Energy Systems Operator) has provided a wealth of data to inform local action on low-carbon energy generation, storage and management, and integrated infrastructure systems. This approach could be replicated across the UK.
  • In line with the Catapult’s mission to also help residents as well as systems, it has provided invaluable support to Zero Carbon Rugeley – an innovative user-centric design for a town-wide Smart Local Energy System that will lower residents’ energy costs and boost regeneration.

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Its independent and technology-agnostic approach has seen Catapult’s work encompass whole system modelling and engineering through to customer insight, proposition modelling and design, up to large-scale trials.

We’re well-placed to inform, shape and lead the UK’s policies on energy systems. Our publication on governance on Local Area Energy Planning, for instance, provides vital support to regional and local authorities developing LAEPs, and the West Midlands approaches to zoning: Building a governance framework for coordinated Local Area Energy Planning - Energy Systems Catapult.

We also provide a catalogue of practical toolkits to support their clients and partners including:

  • Energy Launchpad
  • Living Lab
  • Consumer Panel
  • National Net Zero Toolkit
  • Place-Based Net Zero Toolkit

"Although the Energy Systems Catapult has a national responsibility, we fully recognise the importance of role of ‘place’ in driving efficiency in our energy systems. This is why we find working with the Energy Capital Partnership so valuable – the knowledge flow between public, private and industry partners, enables us to share insights across the UK and in the West Midlands."

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