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Severn Trent Water

Discover how its developing renewable energy solutions

Severn Trent Water is the region’s water company – stretching across the heart of the UK, from the Bristol Channel to the Humber, and from mid-Wales to the East Midlands.

As well as supplying clean water and wastewater services to 4.8 million households and businesses in the West Midlands, Severn Trent Water is also developing renewable energy solutions throughout its business.

We’ve also been leading the way on tree planting in the West Midlands, with 47,000 trees already planted across the region. This forms part of our commitment to create a ‘green hug’ around the Midlands: aiming to bring urban communities closer to nature and through 2022 acres of planting and leave a carbon neutral legacy to the Commonwealth Games.

After years of anaerobically digesting sewage for renewable energy generation, Severn Trent Water continue to focus on the growing food waste digestion market, partnering with Warwickshire County Council to treat food waste at their Severn Trent Green Power’s anaerobic digestion facility in Coleshill.

Severn Trent Water’s most recent commitments in the region include its ‘Get River Positive’ which includes five key pledges focused on river water quality – leaving them for everyone to enjoy and as clean habitats for wildlife to thrive. Our £556m Green Recovery programme brings significant additional investment in the region in lead supply pipe replacement, smart metering and improving bathing water quality.

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Severn Trent Water is committed to action on climate change, with targets to achieve operational net zero emissions, 100% renewable energy and an all-electric fleet by 2030. Actions on energy include:

  • Re-engineering processes to be more energy efficient.
  • Increased self-generation of renewable energy via non-carbon or carbon neutral sources.
  • Making more effective use of existing transport options and switching to electric vehicles where possible.

Thanks to a history of investment in renewable technology, Severn Trent now generates renewable energy equivalent to over 50% of its use. Its range of renewable energy technologies produce millions of kWh of electricity from a range of sources: sewage, solar, crops, water, wind and food waste.

Severn Trent Water is also championing improvement in our embedded carbon impacts from construction activity by working with our supply chain businesses to understand and address their carbon footprint.

"At Severn Trent, water and renewable energy infrastructure go hand-in-hand to provide one of life’s essentials to the people in our region in a sustainable way. We’ve been pleased to be able to work in collaboration with Energy Capital and other partners in the Combined Authority to continue own our carbon reduction journey and contribute to the net zero outcomes of the region."

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