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Transport for West Midlands

How we developing services that are fit for the future

Transport for West Midlands is the transport arm of the West Midlands Combined Authority – responsible for setting local transport policy, securing investment, scheme development and delivery, and operational services.

TfWM works closely with local authority partners and operators to plan, fund and coordinate public transport services, with concurrent powers for a Key Route Network. It also owns West Midlands Metro.

Alongside this, the government’s ‘Taking Charge’ strategy, and Local Transport Plan Guidance, set out the responsibilities for Mayoral Combined Authorities in developing and implementing electric vehicle charging strategies for their areas, while the draft West Midlands LTP Core Strategy demonstrates how transport electrification can support wider strategic outcomes.

Transport for West Midlands is looking to spearhead innovative technologies and rapid changes in technology – constantly developing services that are fit for the future. This is particularly true for its mission to decarbonise the West Midlands transport system as part of the region’s WM2041 commitment – a key collaboration area with Energy Capital: from grid network planning for EV charging, to the role of hydrogen in vehicle propulsion.

The Regional Energy System Operator project, for example, is currently pioneering collaboration between energy distributors and the WMCA to better maintain and operate the regional energy network. Lessons learned from this project can help deploy it across the region and bolster the grid to better supply electrified transport. We’re leading on, or actively involved with, several multimillion-pound workstreams including “Midlands Future Mobility”, “Future Transport Zone” (the first region to receive funding) and rolling out 5G technologies to help change behaviour in customer choices and manage networks more efficiently.

To deliver on this, TfWM is working on four strategic actions: infrastructure investment, market creation, consumer engagement and policy and regulation maturation.

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TfWM invests to improve the regional transport system, working towards an integrated transport system that is safe and secure.

The Local Transport plan is aiming to deliver inclusive growth in the region, including through “electrified transport”. Policies are grouped around 6 thematic ‘Big Moves’: of these, ‘Delivering a green revolution’ supports the transition to zero emission vehicles, particularly through collaborating with Energy Capital and energy distributors. CRSTS (City Regional Sustainable Transport Settlement) funding has been secured for development and delivery of many early initiatives identified within the Local Transport Plan.

"We know how important decarbonising our transport system is if we are to hit our 2041 net zero target. Working closely with Energy Capital is providing us with the vital, research, insights and commercial connections we need “ if we are to achieve that goal."


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