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Regional Energy Strategy refresh


The first West Midlands Regional Energy Strategy was produced in 2018, and was adopted by the WMCA Board in January 2019. The policy set out four main aims:

  • Reduce costs for strategic industries
  • Reduce fuel poverty
  • Deliver the region’s share of national carbon budgets
  • Develop Energy Innovation Zones to support investment

The Regional Energy Strategy led to the establishment of Energy Capital's executive team of officers and eventual move into the West Midlands Combined Authority.

Why do we need to refresh the Regional Energy Strategy?

Since the policy was produced, a lot has changed in the regional, national and international context of our energy system:

  • Net zero: the UK government declared a climate emergency in 2019, and increased the level of ambition for cutting carbon emissions to net zero by 2050. The WMCA Board subsequently declared a climate emergency, set an ambitious target for net zero carbon emissions in the region by 2041 and produced its first Five Year Plan for achieving this target.
  • Devolution: the government's prioritisation of 'levelling up' has led to the West Midlands achieving trailblazer status, with devolved powers including a single settlement for retrofit funding, offering greater flexibility in how the region spends public funding for energy efficiency.
  • Energy prices: the energy price rises following the war in Ukraine has had huge economic impacts that are still being felt today by residents and businesses.

How to get involved

Over the course of 12 months, Energy Capital is refreshing the West Midlands Regional Energy Strategy to reflect the change in landscape. The approach taken is intended to be as collaborative as possible, recognising the importance of buy-in from the wider energy sector and other regional stakeholders in successfully and fairly transitioning to net zero.

Bulletin meetings

You can sign up to our monthly strategy bulletin meetings. These are an opportunity for you to keep up to date with progress on development of the new strategy, ask any questions about the wider process, and discuss how you can get involved with Energy Capital's work. Links to register are included below.

General input

If you would like to submit a contribution to the development of the Regional Energy Strategy, please complete the form below.