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Community Award Winner - Armed Forces Community Garden

A group of 8 people stand or sit around a wooden bench in a garden with the entrance sign too the park displaying the words Courage Does Not Always Roar

The judges described this winning project as an innovative and impactful project for the local community and for veterans.

This project created a lasting legacy that not only improves the environment through increased bio-diversity, but supports local veterans through natural therapy. 

The Armed Forces Community Garden provides a safe, non-threatening environment in which individuals can feel free to explore the garden, getting involved with the gardening, or just sit back and contemplate. The space also helps to promote better communication between service users and residents, and acts as a meeting area, reducing loneliness within Solihull. It also helps individuals with sensory disorders to develop or reactivate their remaining senses; this aspect is especially important because a lot of Veterans suffer with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

The garden includes a community orchard, wildflowers, sensory planting, insect hotels, and shallow water to attract invertebrates and insects.

Watch more on the project below.