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West Midlands Walking Trail

A new regional walking trail to celebrate and encourage access to nature

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The West Midlands Walking trail is a proposal for a new walking trail in the region which was incorporated into the WMCA's Natural Environment Plan in 2021, which can be viewed in more detail here


What is the ambition of the walking trail?

The walking trail, which will largely utilise and strengthen existing routes, will include a longer loop of the WMCA area and a series of shorter urban loops in each of the local authorities. 

The trail will celebrate areas of beauty and heritage in the region and increase access to green space for residents. The WMCA recognises the importance of access to green space and the value of exercise and the trail aims to support residents to explore and walk in this beautiful region. 

This trail is a part of the cycling and walking developments led by Transport for West Midlands and as a part of the wider natural environment work led by the WMCA.

How can I get involved?

The WMCA is working with consultants to develop this project further and has worked to understand the views of residents and local stakeholders in the region on the walking trail.

Keep an eye out for future opportunities to input into the walking trail and sign up for the WMCA Environment and Energy Insights newsletter in our sidebar to hear bi-monthly updates about the broader programme and progress in the region. 

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact us via email at

When will the trail be delivered?

Delivery is ahead of the schedule outlined in the Natural Environment Plan and progress continues to be made. Timetable for delivery is subject to future funding outcomes.