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EKHO Collective CIC

EKHO Therapeutic and Sensory Community Garden

Ekho collective are a new CIC focused on improving wellbeing through green projects. The staff are specialists in mental health support and Therapeutic Horticulture. The organisation is based at Hawbush Community Gardens in Brierley Hill, it is an urban industrial area with a need for welcoming accessible green space.


Ekho will be transforming 2 unused allotment plots at Hawbush into a therapeutic sensory garden, additional work will include improvement to the woodland on site and the installation of a wildlife pond. Ekho strive to use green gardening techniques such as a no dig approach to gardening, making their own compost and mulches and conserving water sources. They work with isolated people helping them to gain confidence in gardening and learning about environmentally friendly gardening. They also plan to offer families affordable activities in a safe green space. The garden will become a therapeutic space for participants and a resource to continue their successful social prescribing work and food bank provision through the allotments.