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Feeding Coventry

Herbert, Kairos, and Foleshill Green Project

The funded project will be creating accessible green space in 3 areas of Coventry: Foleshill, Herbert Art Gallery, and Kairos Women’s Centre.

The work will increase biodiversity through the planting of community gardens where people can grow food/ wildflowers and learn about the importance of natural habitats in urban areas.

The aim of the project is to co-create urban garden areas with the local community to give greater control over local green spaces and reach people without access to gardens.

Here's Helen Needham, the chief executive of Feeding Coventry, to explain how the organisation will use funding to create a new medicinal garden in its green space at Foleshill Community centre.

We have also spoken with Hannah Coban and Lisa Miller from Kairos – women working together who talk us through their plans to transform a neglected garden space into a thriving green sanctuary.