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Marsh Hill Allotments

Nature area: accessible green space Stockland Green

This is part of a larger project which will change an unused area of the allotments into a community area with wildlife pond and wildflower meadow.

With additional funding the area and pathways will be made fully accessible so that people with limited mobility can access the site.

The Community Green Grant fund of £7,200 will be used to clear the site and install a wildlife pond and wildflower meadow.

Once established the area will be used by schools and community groups. A programme of activities will be delivered aimed at SEN groups and the elderly with limited opportunities to accessible natural spaces.

The image shows an overgrown field with grass and bushes to the right and flytipped waste in the middle

Funding will be used to clear up this area of the allotments

Christine Gough, from the allotments, said: "Thank you to our funding partners WMCA Community Green Grants.

"This project will give people who have little or no interaction with green space an opportunity to learn how to look after nature and how nature looks after us. We will be able to bring our community together for years to come.”