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Northfield Stroke Club

Relaxation, Refresh and Rejuvenate

Northfield Stroke Club is a voluntary group that provides support for people recovering from strokes. The project is based at the Reaside Community Centre in Northfield. Reaside is a 1970s estate with very little green space. The project will transform the unused green space around the community centre into a community garden for the Northfield Stroke Club and other groups who use the Community Centre.

A small grassed area outside a brick built building with a tree to the right

Northfield Stroke Club will transform green space around its building

The club is attended by several keen amateur gardeners who are enthusiastic about getting involved in the transformation of the site. This will include planting wildflowers, installing container ponds, growing fruit/ vegetables, and installing bird boxes and other habitats.

The legacy of the project, which has been awarded £11,175, will be the transformation of the site from an underused space into a biodiverse area for the community. There will also be health and well-being benefits to the stroke club members and other centre users.

Gassed land outside a building to the right with a metal fence bordering the grass to the left

Funding will be used to create a community garden around the building

A disused area of hard-standing with a fence surrounding it

Areas around the club will be cleaned up and made more attractive to visitors

Donna Belk, chair of Northfield Stroke Club, said: "The project will help with rehabilitation for members of the club and their families who have suffered the effects of stroke and increase their well-being and mental health.

"The space has been maintained to look neat but doesn’t encourage insects and birds into the garden space, we are hoping that within 12 months of starting the project we will have rejuvenated the area into a refreshing and relaxing environment that encourages biodiversity and accessibility for all the community users.”