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The Froglife Trust

Coalface to Wildspace

Froglife Trust is a national organisation that works to conserve the UKs amphibian and reptile species. They recently secured funding from Heritage Lottery to embed community workers in Walsall and lead on increasing engagement with amphibian conservation.


The funds awarded from Community Green Grant is an essential addition to the wider work providing funding to pay for the restoration of two non-functioning ponds in Reedswood Park and the addition of two new ponds with the aim of increasing the amphibian population in the area. There will also be a programme of community work engaging with local schools and community groups.


The aim is that the project will create two wildlife corridors running from central to west Walsall. The area around the ponds will become an inviting accessible space for the public to engage with a neglected area of Reedswood Park.