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Power Up

Digital Bootcamps

Digital Bootcamps are a new Government initiative designed to give you the opportunity to build up your digital skills and fast-track you to an interview with a local employer.

Recently launched in the West Midlands, Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Liverpool City Region, these are modern, practical courses delivered in partnership with employers, providers and local authorities to help you develop the digital skills most in-demand in your local area and boost your employability.

To find out if a Digital Bootcamp can help you, visit the providers below:

Within the next 10 to 20 years, 90% of jobs will require some sort of digital skills

The West Midlands is the place to be for digital, we’ve got the fastest-growing digital sector outside London and there has never been a better time to beginning a career in digital or to make sure your business has the digital skills to succeed. 

We are working with training providers across the region to ensure the skills being taught match with what employers need. 

Click on a job role below for information, to find out what training is available or to see how you can recruit people with these skills: 

Software, Cyber and Data

Design, Information and Solutions

Digital Marketing


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