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Recognising numeracy challenges across the UK, Government have committed a total of £559 million to be ringfenced from UKSPF for the Multiply programme as its first priority, intended to deliver the Government’s priority of improving adult numeracy.

This part of the UKSPF will be managed by the Department for Education (DfE) and will have a national and local element, including a national online platform and regional programmes to transform the lives of adults across the UK, by improving their functional numeracy skills through free personal tutoring, digital training, and flexible courses.

The overall objective of Multiply is to increase the levels of functional numeracy in the adult population across the UK. Government have identified the following success measures for the whole programme at a national level:

More adults achieving maths qualifications courses (up to, and including, Level 2 – with GCSEs and FSQs as the qualifications of choice in England – or equivalent) and an increase in participation in numeracy courses.
Improved labour market outcomes e.g. fewer numeracy skills gaps reported by employers, and an increase in the proportion of adults that progress into sustained employment and/or education.

Increased adult numeracy across the population – tracking the perceive and actual different taking part in the programme makes on learner’s daily lives at home and work.

To support local areas to identify the right provision, government have designed a menu of interventions which we can draw down from – choosing a mix of interventions that best suits our area. Further details can be found in the Multiply Prospectus.

A total of £16.7million has been conditionally allocated to the WMCA for regional Multiply provision over this 3 year period commencing 2022/23.

Find further information on local Multiply provision.