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UKSPF Local Partnerships Group

As set out in the UK SPF prospectus the WMCA (as Lead Authority) were tasked with working with a diverse range of local and regional stakeholders, civil society organisations, employer bodies responsible for identifying local skills plans, and businesses or business representative groups to achieve Fund outcomes in our area through a local partnership group.

The role of these partners is to support lead local authorities to develop an investment plan and once plans are approved, partners should be asked to provide advice on strategic fit and deliverability. This role will ensure that Fund investments compliment other activities in the area and meet the Fund and local objectives.

The WMCA have established this group and have brought together a wide range of partners and stakeholder, as outlined in the guidance within section 5.1 of the SPF Prospectus. A full list of membership of the WMCA SPF Group is available to view.

A Terms of Reference for the group has also been developed.

A clear role and remit of the group is to act impartially on behalf of wider respective sectors/bodies/organisations, providing advice on strategic fit and deliverability of the regional plan. Whilst ensuring fund investments complement other activities in the West Midlands and meet Fund and local objective.

Contact details for individual members are provided in the attached group membership list and as part of their role on the WMCA SPF Partnership Group, they will be responsible for co-ordinating queries or questions that relate to their areas of expertise and bring these forward to group meetings or the WMCA UKSPF Programme Team.

Whilst in the first instance we would recommend questions are submitted to the WMCA SPF Programme Team if you have specific questions that relate to a sector/ or area as detailed in the membership group contact details then you may also wish to contact these individuals directly.

UKSPF Local Partnership Group Meeting Notes (July 2022)

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UKSPF Local Partnership Group Meeting Notes (March 2023)

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