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West Midlands Natural Environment Plan: 2021 - 2026

Executive summary of the Natural Environment Plan actions

In delivering the Natural Environment Plan over the next five years, the WMCA will:
  • Launch a Community Green Grants programme that provides communities with funding to deliver projects that improve access to, and quality of, green and blue spaces for those that need it most.

  • Build on the launch of the West Midlands Virtual Forest to co-ordinate an ambitious regional tree planting programme, starting with the planting of the Commonwealth Games 2022 Legacy Forest by Severn Trent Water.

  • Set up a Wildlife Corridors Commission to develop a ‘doorstep to landscape’ vision for the region, maximising the connectivity, for both people and wildlife, through green and blue corridors.

  • Develop regional natural capital data capture and mapping to better understand the state of the region’s nature and prepare the foundations for a Local Nature Recovery Strategy.

  • Produce the first West Midlands Natural Capital Investment Plan that prioritises investment opportunities, funding requirements and routes to delivery, for the protection, restoration and enhancement of the region’s natural environment.

  • Explore ways to ensure biodiversity net gain across new transport infrastructure and other developments funded by the WMCA.

WMCA will work with regional partners on key initiatives that will:
  • Develop the West Midlands National Park concept and implement the awards programme
  • Create a new national walking trail in the West Midlands
  • Support the enhancement of the region’s world famous canal network
  • Provide natural capital apprenticeship opportunities
  • Give people better understanding of how to get involved in local initiatives that can improve their natural environment