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Investment Prospectus 2022


Invest in the most connected region in the UK – the place to make your mark

The West Midlands has huge investment potential and global ambition. In the decade to 2019 we were the fastest growing region outside of London, breaking through the £100 billion economic output mark. Our success is powered by a young, increasingly skilled, and diverse workforce, key growth sectors and regional assets such as our universities. We also benefit from our outstanding connectivity to the rest of the UK and world, which will be further enhanced by the arrival of High Speed 2 (HS2). We are leading the UK’s Green Industrial Revolution, dramatically increasing productivity, creating good jobs and homes, and supporting strong, thriving communities, with our innovative approach to placemaking.

Over the past five years we have secured close to £5 billion of UK Government investment for the region. Our local authorities have recently obtained a further £400 million for investment in our high streets, towns, cities, and infrastructure.

Did you know?

  • 950,000 working age people qualified to degree level+
  • Economy worth almost £120 billion

Our region is fast recovering from the Covid-19 pandemic and we have laid the foundations for inclusive economic growth by:

  • TRANSPORT INVESTMENT – investing in transport corridors that drive development - with £363 million invested in 2021/22 and over £1 billion in transport funding secured in 2021
  • HOUSING AND LAND INVESTMENT – with over £600 million of devolved housing and land funds secured, hundreds of hectares of land unlocked and a revolution happening in brownfield development
  • PIONEERING – new approaches to affordable, modular and net zero homes and regenerating towns and cities
  • SKILLS – delivering a £140 million Adult Education Budget, securing an almost 10% increase in 2020 alone in the proportion of the population with Level 3 skills
  • WORKING WITH INVESTORS – entering into partnerships with credible organisations committed to inclusive growth and high levels of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) to maximise the best of public and private sector investment and capability
  • NET ZERO – regional net zero target by 2041 and landmark innovations in transport mobility, zero carbon buildings, the environment and affordable housing.

The West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA) is uniquely placed to bring together and support investors, developers, businesses, landowners, and other partners all passionate about placemaking, delivery and innovation. We have an enviable track record of delivering new policy ideas, successful investment programmes and projects through partnership, capability, and leadership.

This Investment Prospectus 2022 sets out the regional vision, compelling reasons to invest in our region today and what we can offer to investors and strategic partners. A portfolio of £15 billion of regional investment propositions and projects is classified into “current opportunities”, “coming soon” and “ones to watch”.

Please talk to us about investing in the West Midlands now – the best connected region in the UK and the place to make your mark.

Andy Street – Mayor of the West Midlands