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Investment Prospectus 2022

Our net zero future

Having been the birthplace of the first industrial revolution, the West Midlands is now committed to becoming a net zero carbon economy by 2041.

Our five-year plan has 15 clear goals which show how we will achieve this ambitious target, including domestic and commercial energy efficiency; modal shift towards active travel; increased uptake of electric vehicles; and enhancement of natural capital. The gross investment cost of the Plan is estimated at some £4.3 billion by 2026, increasing to £15.3 billion by 2041. Our net zero priorities will demand the very best blend of public and private expertise, ingenuity, and an ability to deliver key programmes such as Net Zero Neighbourhoods, Local Area Energy Plans, decarbonized energy systems, retrofitting and creating a natural capital off-setting fund.

We are looking for long-term investment partners who share our vision for net zero.

  • £4.3 billion investment required to deliver our five-year net zero plan
  • £15.3 billion investment to achieve net zero by 2041

A place bursting with innovation, energy and cutting edge technology...

People, innovation and knowledge drive the region and make it the UK’s new growth capital.

Did you know?

West Midlands has a population of 4.7 million, larger than eight EU countries. It has the largest working age population of any urban conurbation in the UK outside London.