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Anti-Fraud & Corruption Policy and Procedures


  1. The Combined Authority is committed to the highest standards of probity and accountability to safeguard public funds. It will not tolerate dishonesty on the part of Members, officers or others involved with the Combined Authority. It expects that Members and officers at all levels will act in a manner that ensures adherence to statutory requirements and to the rules and procedures of the Combined Authority.
  2. The Anti-Fraud and Corruption Policy applies to all Members and officers of the Authority. It also applies as far as it can to any persons, companies or organisations in relation to their dealings with the Combined Authority including partnership arrangements and developments involving ‘arm’s length’ companies or organisations, contractors, consultants, suppliers and claimants.
  3. The Combined Authority’s primary objective, through the Anti-Fraud and Corruption Policy, is to ensure that fraud and corruption does not occur within the Combined Authority and if it does occur that it is detected and dealt with appropriately and effectively.
  4. These procedures are intended to advise all Members and officers of obligations and rights within this policy and to assist senior officers in dealing with any matters which arise in relation to the policy.